I am a 41 year old, 5'8, 180-186lbs mother of 2 adult children. Which procedure should I get? (Photos)

The question I have is I am not sure which procedure I should be schedule a consultation for. I have a very Bad Keloid which has taken the place of my belly button. I have done lipo in the past . I am just not sure If I would be a good canidiate for TT as I do not have stretch marks loose skin etc. However I have the Keloid I want removed and create an hr glass shape. I am interested in achieving an hourglass shape with lip or /TT or both and maybe a enhancing my buttocks and a breast lift.

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Keloids and abdominal surgery

Given your propensity for keloidal scarring, you would not be a candidate for abdominoplasty as the obvious risk of keloiding along the scar is just too high.  Even with liposuction, the small scars could keloid.  Best wishes.


Based on your photos, I would minimize the scar burden in you as I am concerned you would keloid. I think you could get improvement in the abdomen with liposuction and address the keloid at that time. Consider post-op radiation therapy to prevent the keloid from recurring. I recommend you not have extensive elective surgery given your inherent risk.

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