I was born with a chubby neck and I'm 26 years old. Would Laser Liposuction be a good choice for my neck? (photo)

I've gotten Ulthera done on my neck 2 years ago, but that procedure was not very effective and it was extremely painful. Is traditional liposuction a better choice? Or is laser liposuction another good alternative choice? Thank you!

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Precision Tx

I would recommend Precision Tx to perform a "laser" necklift.
Precision Tx is similar to Smartlipo and uses the same machine actually, but it delivers more heat energy to the skin. This increases the formation of new collagen and improves skin tightness.
Yes, there is excess fat in the central neck, but there is also excess skin. Both should be treated and with precision Tx, you can heat and remove the fat as well as tighten the skin. Smartlipo alone with only treat the fat and there will still be some skin excess.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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You may do well with laser lipo

Based on your picture, you may do very well with laser lipo.

Any form of liposuction has the potential of delivering exceptional results when applied correctly on the right patients.

Great results require rigorous patient screening. It also requires skill and experience.

Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience and an excellent reputation.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Smart Lipo

After reviewing your photo it seems that SmartLipo may be your best option. It removes fat and tightens the skin at the same time. 

Lipo may be a good option

Thank you for posting a photo. You may be a candidate for Submental Smartlipo. This is a minimally invasive procedure that will remove stubborn fat pockets while tightening the skin. It is important to consult with your doctor to determine if this is the best procedure for you.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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