I have 2 hernias and would like to know if medicaid /healthfirst would consider a Tummy Tuck medically necessary?

2 hernias and due to moderate weightloss amd overhanging stomach.would medicaid/healthfirst consider it medically necessary for tummy tucks so that hernias do not reoccur. This will be the second time I will be having a hernia repair. umbilical hernia, have had 5 cesarean births, partial hysterectomy 2nd hernia is closer incisions. I am currently very miserable, can't excersize bend or carry anything heavy. It has kept me from losing more weight. lost 30 pounds in 6 years.

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Healthfirst tummy tuck

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No. Healthfirst does not cover abdominoplasties. The recurrent hernia would not have anything to do whether or not you have an abdominoplasty so this would not justify medical necessity.  Insurance generally, and Medicaid in particular, does not cover cosmetic surgery.  You can have a tummy tuck on a fee for service basis.

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