While massaging my breast, I heard a noise, and now below the breast I feel a vertical line running an inch or so down my rib

I am almost 3 weeks postop. lollipop lift with 600cc gel on right, 650cc gel on left. I am 5ft2in, 180lbs. My left implant is still a bit high and my ps showed me some massaging techniques. Last night while doing them (maybe little bit to rough) I heard a cracking noise on the left under the breast in the area of the horizontal scar, and now I have a vertical line under that scar (running down my rib) that feels like a necklacechain under the skin. It is sore if pressed. Did I damage something?

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Breast line after breast lift and implants, what is it?

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Hi HotinAZ,Thanks for your question. Some photos would help in your assessment. But based on what you said, it may just be a vein that gets swollen and tender. It is called Mondor's disease. apply warm compresses and it should go away. For any concerns please contact your plastic surgeon. Good Luck!   All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS #Mondors #Breastlift Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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