White lips after Juvederm,is it normal? Would you use Juvederm around the lips instead of into it? (photos)

I was concerned about vertical lines around my mouth and my thin lips. I had 1 syringe of Juvedern ultra injected around the lips using a canula. He put Nothing into my lips, said the result would be more natural, as I requested. Yes indeed, It IS natural, I barely see any différence! With swelling, cupid bow was more definited, and bottom lip looked good, but now I feel I just spent 600$ for one day with plumped lips :-( Also my bottum lips is getting white today, is it normal?

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Juvederm around the lips

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Hi Karen, thanks for your question. We do a lot of Juvederm at my practice (we're a top 1% provider of it in the US). I am also a Juvederm trainer for Allergan. Your Juvederm wasn't placed in exactly the right places to address your concern and you're seeing the whiteness on the bottom because of too much filler there. Generally we stay away from injecting filler around the lips, and usually put it into the lips, which results in a better outcome for our clients. Happy to answer any other questions about this.

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