What kind of surgery could be possible to correct my right hand eyelid ptosis and inner canthus asymmetry? (Photo)

I'm presently treated for a venous malformation of RH eyelid ophtalmic vein. The inner portion of my eyelid is swelling and my eye is pulsating.I had 2 sclerotherapy out of maybe 4 to resolve this. I'm not sure i will get symetry of my eyelid after this. Is it possible to correct it completely without interferring with my previous treatements? My expectation are to get the inner canthus at the same level, the eye opening the same and the distance from the upper eyelid to eyebrow the same.

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Your concerns are understandable.

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First, I would advise waiting a full year or more after any treatment for the venous malformation and advice from your treating orbit surgeon that no further treatment is likely to be needed before considering ptosis surgery.  A ptosis correction and a tailored blepharoplasty should make the difference here.  Your orbit surgeon should be able to provide this treatment.  Be aware, in your health care system, this may be considered a cosmetic treatment.

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