Should I explant or get smaller implants? (Photo)

Original BA 2007 Saline 300 ccs filled to 325. 1st rupture left side 3/2013 (only replaced ruptured implant). Original surgeon didn't put on ID card he overfilled them so had to have another surgery to correct the size diff. 2nd rupture right side 5/2015 (only replaced ruptured implant) and now there is another rupture on the left side. This will be my 4th revision, 3rd rupture, and 5th surgery! Should I switch to silicone and go down to 225 or 250 cc's or just explant? Surgery is Friday 12/2

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Implant selection

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Choosing the right implants should be done in person. As for saline or silicone, it is a personal choice and that is up to you.  Best of luck

New York Plastic Surgeon
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You know the answer!

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Some brands and style of implants (texured) pop much more frequently. I use Mentor Smooth round saline mod plus and high profile and have had one or 2 pop in over ten years. You are not doing anything wrong. I would use a silicone implant for sure at his point. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Explant or smaller

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I'm sorry that you have been through so many revision surgeries in such a short amount of time.  This is a very personal choice that depends on whether you like the appearance of your left breast with the deflated implant, or you would prefer both sides to look like your right breast.  If you want to have another implant, changing to silicone may be a good option.  I would also contact the manufacturer of your implants and let them know your situation as this is not common.  Hope that helps and have a Happy Holidays!

Soumo Banerji, MD
Houston Physician

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