Would I Qualify to Have a Labia Reduction on the NHS?

My labia's arnt so huge that when im stood upright they hang out however thay are very large,the left one being double the size of the right one. I have only had sex with 3 people in my life and i am 33 based on the fact im too embarrassed and feel it will put the man off. Having a nasty comment made from a guy in my 20's has stuck in my head.While they are not as big as many of the pics on here i still feel deeply upset and unable to have sex even when i want to.

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Labiaplasty and coverage

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I am not sure if the NHS would cover this procedure based on the physical appearance. However, given your symptoms of pain and discomfort with possible chaffing and irrtiation, it is quite possible that this would be considered a covered procedure. Discuss this with your gynecologist who would be most likely to provide you with better information. 

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