Would I qualify for breast reduction surgery? (photo)

I am 20 years old and have always hated my breasts. I'm 5'5 in and I weigh 115 pounds, my chest is a 30FF. My underbust is 27cm. I get neck/back pain; my shoulders have become rounded due to terrible posture as my boobs drag me down. I can't excercise or sleep comfortably, sometimes I wake up with tear marks on the breast. I absoloutley hate them and they don't suit my small frame. I am in the UK hoping to get them done for free on the NHS. I'm scared I will be declined.Please help.

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Breast reduction surgery coverage

Your breast volume would not be consistent with what is normally required for breast reduction surgery. The type of surgery you'd be more appropriate for would be some type of breast lift (mastopexy) with o without a small volume removal. This would be considered cosmetic in nature.

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Would I qualify for breast reduction surgery?

 Based on your description and pictures, you may be an excellent candidate for breast reduction/lifting surgery.  Best to be evaluated in person by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss  your goals, pro/cons, as well as a potential risk/complications associated with breast reduction surgery.  As you can imagine, it will be during this consultation process that you will be able to receive more information/predictions regarding the potential for “insurance” coverage of the procedure.

 Best wishes.

Would I qualify for breast reduction surgery?

On,y way to find out to to apply for health coverage for your breast reduction.. Best to seek a surgeon's input from UK.. 

Breast reduction

Based solely on your photos, your breasts do not look so big.  It probably would not be covered by insurance.  

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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