When will I see the full effect of Neograft?

I had neograft done Jan 2015 on the crown part of my head due to PCOS. Since then I have noticed hair growth but not as much as expected. I still need to keep my hair pulled back to hide the spot on my head. I've spent a ton of money and went through alot of physical and emotional healing. I hope that what I have right now is not all I'm going to get

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Full effect of Neograft results?

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Dear jlamberson,

The maximal results of a hair restoration procedure actually occur at 15 months. Since you wrote this question 3 months ago, and mentioned you were at 12 months, then right about now is when you'll see the maximal results of a hair restoration procedure. The crown is a difficult area to achieve excellent coverage, mainly due to the swirl that is present there, as well as the angle of the scalp where the hair loss is. It turns out many doctors are simply purchasing a neograft device and holding themselves out to the public as hair restoration "experts" when in fact they have literally zero experience in the field. I hope this is not the case with you. What is ideal, and what you should look for, is a dedicated hair restoration surgeon that does no other procedure. The linear strip, which remains the Gold Standard in hair restoration today (according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and the American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery, and in my opinion as well), and the FUE (follicular unit extraction) methods should be offered at any center you look at for hair restoration surgery services. If only one or the other method is offered, that right there is a red flag. It sounds like you may need a second procedure, which is not uncommon at all, so don't think you're alone in any way. Let me know if I can be of service and answer any other questions you have about your situation. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Kind Regards,

Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS

NeoGraft Results

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Thank you for your question. Building realistic expectations at the time of initial consultation is critical. The crown portion of the scalp can consume a large number of follicular units. You did not mention how large an area was being covered or how many grafts were placed. One of the difficult aspects of doing an FUE procedure on women is the number of grafts that can be harvested without shaving a large portion of the scalp. It would not be unusual for a patient to need a second procedure to achieve greater density but this is something that should have been explained during your initial consultation. I am sorry you are unhappy with your results and wish you the best.

You can usually see your final hair transplant results after 12-18 months

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Sound like you're already reached your hair transplant growing potential from your last hair transplant.  I'm sorry that you are not thrilled with your results.  You might want to consider visiting a different plastic surgeon for a hair evaluation to see if a different technique would be better for you.  


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Thank you for your question. After shedding, the new growth will begin in 3-4 months and your hair will continue to grow normally. You should continue to see constant improvement since your shedding began. You should have progress check appointments with your board certified facial plastic surgeon to understand where you are in the regrowth process. 

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Full Effect of Neograft

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You should've definitely already started seeing your results 1 year Post-Op. Depending on how many grafts were transplanted, this might be an issue of you needing more grafts if you aren't seeing your crown area as densely populated as you like. I highly recommend speaking with a hair restoration expert to fully examine your needs as they differ per patient. Things you can do to supplement the hair growth would be PRP injections.


Laila Elkeeb, MD, FAAD
Corona Del Mar Dermatologic Surgeon

When will I see the full effect of Neograft?

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The full effect of a NeoGraft or any hair transplant takes about 18 months. It was was done in January 2015, so you should have seen the full effect by now. I have no idea how large the balding area in your crown was or how many graphs that you received or even how dense the hair was at your donor site, so is difficult to give you a reasonable assessment compared to your expectations.

Usually NeoGraft or any FUE technique or even strip hair transplant surgry is extremely successful, but you must have enough grafts to cover the defect. Possibly you have lost more of your existing hair, which you will surely lose with time as we all do. I suggest that you use minoxidil 5% foam twice a day to help delay any hair loss of your existing hair. The grafts, if taken from a good donor site, will not fall out for years to come. The problem is with your original here in that area. I also suggest Propecia, but you must look it up on the Internet to be fully informed of the risks.

An additional way to preserve your existingg hair is with injections of PRP (platelet rich plasma), which you should also familiarize yourself with. We inject a fair amount of PRP in our office, and patients so far have really liked the result. In most cases, it works best with a hair transplant, and my preference is the NeoGraft technology. 

Thank you for your question and best of luck to you.

How long for neograft hair to grow

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The final hair transplant growth can take up to 12 months. Certainly other things  you  can do to thicken hair are platelet rich plasma(prp)  injections and the use of topical Rogaine products. Newer fat stem cell injections are still being investigated at centers as well.

If the result is still disatisfying, returning to your hair expert surgeon for evaluation may require additional FUE transplants using the neograft system down the road.

Final result after Neograft

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Hi  and thanks for your question. The final result of hair transplantation into the crown area is at least 12 to 18 months following the initial procedure. Make sure to follow up with your hair transplant practice. There are other options that you may consider including the use of Rogaine and PRP.  Best of luck. 

Richard Chaffoo,MD,FACS,FICS

Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Post NeoGraft Hair Growth

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Wait till January of 2016 to see if your hair growth results change. The process is very long. If by then you do not see the growth you expected I would consult your surgeon about your concerns. 

Best of luck and remain positive.

Full Effect of Neograft

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Thanks for your question!  It is understandably very hard to wait to see the results of your Neograft hair transplant, but hang in there!  It can take a full year to see good regrowth of the transplanted hairs.  As always, with any concerns, be sure to follow up with your hair expert!  Best of luck!

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