I would like to see how bad the anchor scarring looks.

How long does the scaring show

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Thank you for your question. Scars never completely disappear  but they can lighten and minimize in appearance as they mature over the first year. Your Plastic Surgeon will likely recommend scar treatments with products such as silicone sheeting in order to help- especially if you have skin more prone to scarring visibly. I recommend that you ask your Plastic Surgeon to show you some examples of their work during a consultation and ask questions about these concerns.
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Full Mastopexy scarring

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If a patient has significant sagginess of the breast a full breast lift or mastopexy may be required.  Everyone always gets their undies in a bunch particularly about the vertical portion of the scar.  It usually is the portion of the scar that heals the best particularly in Caucasian patients.  If the scar does get thick and hypertrophic, it is usually under the breast in the crease and lasers or steroid injections may be performed to accelerate the healing process.  All my Best!  Dr b

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Anchor scarring

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 Thank you for your question. Obviously, scar appearance varies widely. Many factors are involved in determining scar appearance. These include surgical technique, type of sutures used, length of time from the surgery, tension on the incision, as well as the patient's own genetics. There are thousands of photos available on Realself that illustrate anchor incisions after various surgeries. I suggest you visit with a board-certified surgeon in your area to discuss your concerns. He or she should be able to show you photos of patients with anchor incisions. All scars, however, are permanent. They will always be visible although should improve as time goes on. There is unfortunately no such thing as scarless surgery. Best regards.

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