My chin implant likely needs to be removed due to infection. What are the risk given this unique complication?

I will most likely be having my chin implant removed as I developed a low grade staph infection two weeks post op which was not treatable by antibiotics. I understand that chin implant removal is considered to be an easy, relatively low risk procedure, however I want to know if my chances of any complications during recovery are higher due to the infection. I'm 25 and the silicone implant as been in for around five weeks in total.

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Chin implant infected requiring removal

Hello and yes, thank you so much for this excellent question.

After 5 weeks if there is infection the implant should be able to be removed very easily and quickly: the cause of the persisting infection is the implant itself and once it is out, and assuming the surgeon does a wash out, then everything should heal very quickly.

You will, however, need to wait for some months before considering replacement of the implant to allow the healing process after the infection to mature.

I hope that this information is helpful. 

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