What Implant and Lift Do You Recommend? (photo)

My breasts are deflated, sit low on my chest and are different sizes. My ultimate goal is to have large (DD), round shape breasts that sit higher on my body with the nipples higher and pointing forward rather than out. I've visited several surgeons. One suggested 500cc textured dual plane with no lift. One sent me away said he couldn't me. Another suggested teardrops 400 cc - no lift. I'm thinking Id like 450-500cc HP textured with some type of lift. Any thoughts, comments greatly appreciated.

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What Implant and Lift Do You Recommend?

A true DD cup in your case might need more than 500 cc UHP implants! As for any lifting I would offer a crescent lift ONLY! 

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you  have   a breast  hypotrophy     combined   with a   breast assimetry, the  fold  or  surcus of   your   right  breast   it is    much  higher    than  the  left  and the  size  much  smaller ,   also the   right  breast    looks  tuberous , 

my recomendation is   radiation   of  right  breast   tissue , creation of a  new  fold of   2 to 3 cm  than  the  one  that  exists  already,    an implant  of   500     right  breast ,   implant   of  450   left  breast .  both   behind  muscle ,   the  distance    that   looks   of   your  nipple  seems    that   you wont  need  lifting  ,   because    you  do not have  ptosis     you  just  have emptyness     of   your  upper poles 

Cynthia Disla, MD
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Implants don't change overall breast position on the chest wall

You raise some good questions regarding breast implants and chest wall and breast shape.  You indicate that your breasts are wide-set and that your nipple point more outward than forward.  Those things will not change with a breast implant.  Your breast position on your chest wall is not altered by an implant.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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What Implant and Lift Do You Recommend?

Dear Aussie,

Thank you for your question and photos.  You have some mild ptosis (sagging) of the breast, but not a lot.  You also have a bit of a size difference.  On size, don't get too caught up in cc's.  By far, the most important issue here is width and height of the implant rather than cc's.  Your implant should cover your chest from the desired cleavage point to the edge of the chest.  Otherwise, you will maintain the gap in between the breasts that you currently have.  I would recommend a MP+ or HP implant of the proper width as your implant.  On lift, you probably don't need a lift, per say, but you will have nipple asymmetry without one.  A periareolar lift will correct this issue.  This is an example of a patient somewhat similiar to you that had a nipple asymmetry that she did not desire correction.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Recommedations for mastopexy

Unfortunately your question illustrates one of the limitations of this type of online forum, that being that it is difficult to impossible to give you sound recommendations about the questions that you ask without an exam.  There is so much important information gathered during the exam which is necessary to properly plan such a procedure.  Without this information, any surgeon would merely be guessing.  I could agree with any of the opinions that you say that you have been given just based upon what is presented here.  The best thing to do is to find a board certified surgeon who you can trust and with whom you have a connection, perhaps a friend or family member has had surgery by him or her, and have a consultation in which you ask detailed questions about the plan.  If the plan seems reasonable to you, and the surgeon has demonstrated good results with his plans for other patients, then you might consider following his advice.  Otherwise, keep looking, but do it in person, as online opinions are just educated guesses at what you actually need to meet your goals.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
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Breast Lift and Implants

Without an exam, I cannot recommend a lift.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss breast sizes and lift.  Try on sizers in the office, so you and your surgeon agree on the size, and type of implants that will work best for you.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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