Will redness induced after sun exposure, chemical peel, and retina go away? (photos)

I did a SA chemical peel in nov'15 and my face became red and developed an allergic reaction to it. I went to my doctor and he gave me an anti alergic cream to use for two weeks followed by a low concentration retina. I used retina for a month and went out to the sun for five mins. Since then my faced became red and irritated so i stopped. Last week i went to my doctor and he gave me locoid cream but it did nothing. The redness is still there, so is my skin senstive now? Will it ever go away?

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Redness from Peel or Retin-A

If the redness persists I would try using a Vitamin C lotion or Mirvaso since these can help with the redness.  A V-Beam laser should help reduce the residual redness.  Please avoid the sun from now on and consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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