Excess skin removal post massive weight loss?

Hi After losing more than 110kgs I decided to get rid of my access skin (which is all over the place!) so I did a tummy tuck -hernia repair in 2014 . Two weeks ago I got an upper body done : back lift - arm lift and Brest augmentation plus implants. My assumption was that I would lose some weight as massive skin was remove,but none of that happened and my weight is exactly the same prior to the surgery Is it normal to maintain the same weight even after a major surgery like mine? Regards

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Same weight after upper body body contouring

The amount of tissue that was removed has some weight, but it is often less impressive than the sheer amount and bulk.  Remember too that the implants, especially the more dense silicone-filled implants, actually add weight.  I would focus less on the weight on the scale and more on how terrific you look, I'm sure, following your overall weight loss and your procedures!  Best wishes!

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Massive Weight Loss and Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne, Florida

Congratulations on your massive weight loss! To answer your question regarding losing more weight due to the excision of the excess skin, although the skin does have weight to it, it does not weigh nearly as much as one might think and therefore, isn’t always as noticeable as far as a difference in pounds on the scale. The skin removal is for contouring, not so much for weight loss. I hope this information is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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