I Suffer From Moderate Rosacea and Sun Damage. I've Had Various Treatments; What Can I Do About the Persistent Redness?

I suffer from moderate Rosacea and sun damage. I've had a series of IPL treatments and had two treatments with PDL (V-beam) w bruising, both without noticeable results (the telangiectasia around my nose temporarily diminished, but came back quickly). My main problem is persistent facial redness on my cheeks and my chin, and brown spots, which give a rough uneven appearance. My dermatologist has suggested Q-switched nd:yag laser for brown spots (Fotona), would this work for the redness too?

Q-switched Nd:yag Laser for Telangiectasia and Facial Redness + Any Difference Between Q-switched Nd:yag and Nd:yag 1064nm?

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Rosacea, Persistent Redness and Various Treatments

It sounds as if your redness is very resistant to treatment.  Usually if you get bruising with the V-Beam laser, it tends to work better; however this was not true in your case.  If the vessels can be easily traced out as opposed to being very diffuse, you may benefit form the non Q-Switched 1064 Yag laser.  The Q-Switched Nd: Yag is best for brown spots as opposed to red ones.   Hopefully you are using sunscreen at all times and avoiding any known trigger factors for your Rosacea. 

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