Is shaving safe during laser hair removal sessions gap or shaving cause hair to become more thick and grows more rapid?

I took one session of Facial laser hair removal. My hairs are coarse and grows very fast. Which is best to use for hair removal shaving or facial hair removal cream? Does cream affect follicles of hair?

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Laser Hair Removal & Shaving

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Thank you for your question.  Your LHR provider should have answered this question before and after your treatment.  If you have bothersome hair between laser hair removal treatments, you MUST shave between treatments.  LHR only works if there is a hair shaft in the follicle.  The laser energy follows the hair down the shaft to destroy the follicle.  If the hair has been removed by waxing, plucking or depilatory agents (hair removal creams), the laser will pass over the follicle leaving it intact to produce another hair.  We ask our patients to shave between laser treatments and abstain from these other methods.

Shaving will not make your hair come back thicker, fuller or darker, even on your face.  We give our female patients the following example.  If you have a brother with the same sun exposure and smoking history, he will usually look younger because he shaves and thereby exfoliates every day.  Shaving is actually good for your skin health.

We would recommend contacting your provider for further guidance.  If they are unable to answer your questions, you should probably find a more experienced provider.

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