Had a Pyogrnic Granuloma on Lip Slowly Got Smaller Can I Still Get Lip Injections After Removing?

And will it be back if i get pregnant again? On lip will lip injections not be a good idea if i might b gettin this when i get pg again?

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Pyogenic granuloma and lip fillers

Pyogenic granulomas are blood vessel proliferations particularly common in pregnant patients, and in those people on Accutane or who have ingrown nails. A pyogenic granuloma may indeed recur with a subsequent pregnancy. A lip injection or any other trauma could theoretically induce a pyogenic granuloma since some of these lesions do develop after even minor trauma (e.g. a needle poke).

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Pyogenic Granuloma on Lip and Juvederm Injections

Pyogenic granulomas (benign growths that consist of blood vessels) are very common in pregnancy, and often do resolve on their own after the pregnancy. If they persist, they can easily be removed.  It shouldn't be a problem to have lip injections once the pyogenic granuloma is removed.  

Channing R. Barnett, MD
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