5 weeks post TT with open wounds. (photos)

The large wound showed purple tissue next day after surgery. My PS (he's amazing) knew that section was going to present itself over time. 10 days post op an infection presented itself causing 4 open wounds (not counting the escar). Yesterday we did debridement causing my "shark bite". My ps is thrilled with my progress and says it's looking awesome (we have different ideas of awesome...lol). Can't imagine this large hole healing. Using Moist treatment. Approx time line for closure? Lumpy?

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Dr Derby

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Thank you for the photos and your question.This will eventually heal but it will tak its time , good wound care an close contact with your surgeon are very important ! best of luckĀ 

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This wound will heal

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The debridement of the dead tissue will allow the body to start healing. As long as the tissues are healthy, you are well nourished, a non-smoker and do proper wound care, this wound will slowly contract and heal. Sometimes a wound vac can speed the process along too. Stick close to your doctor throughout.

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