If I Put Rogaine on my Eyebrows, Would the Rogaine Make my Face Age More?

I've heard that rogaine can inhibit collagen production which can cause my face to age more. Is this true? If I use rogaine with a q tip on my eyebrows every night for a long time would that cause my face to age more?

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Collagen inhibition by Rogaine (minoxidil)

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This is a really interesting question that I hadn't heard before. I'm not a collagen synthesis expert, but did a little research to try to answer your question. A Pubmed search shows that in in vitro and animal studies, topical minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) does inhibit collagen synthesis, but the mechanisms behind why this happens or how this collagen inhibition affects hair growth are unclear. However, I was unable to find any reports in the literature of minoxidil causing actual clinical wrinkling of the skin in humans. I have never see wrinkling caused by Rogaine in my clinical practice.  Hope this helps.

Bothell Dermatologic Surgeon

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