Should I Put Juvederm in Vermillion Border on my Lips, or Would That Create Fake, Unnatural Look? (photo)

I already had juvederm done about 2 months ago, and even after procesure i felt like I wanted upper lip just a little bit bigger.This is my 2nd time doing it. However, the very first time I wasn't really happy with the results, my upper lip was very big, especially right after.It was swollen for days and uneven the whole time. 2nd time I did it after 2 years again,no swelling,bruising,but I want them bit bigger? What should I do?also,if i pick up my upper lip,you can clearly see gel on rightSide

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Fillers and the lip

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I do this very frequently, and I think with great results (don't mean to be less than humble). 

The great result really depends on a collaborative effort between the doctor and the patient, and that requires communication.  To help this process along, I will only inject a small amount at a time and have the patient look in a hand mirror frequently.  That way she can give me feedback so that I can get the exact result she wants.

Juvederm is great, but you may also want to look at Radiesse and other fillers, as they have properties that are better at defining the white rolled edge and the philtral columns.  I also find that it only takes a little bit to get a great result, and a little bit more to get an unnatural result.

As a side note, this Saturday, I will be seeing a patient to correct an overfilled lip with Restylane (thankfully, not mine).

Ice after injection helps minimize swelling.

Hope this helps.


Artistic Lip Augmentation Requires Shaping

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You have a good size balance between upper and lower lips so alot more fill will look unnatural, although you might like the look personally.  If you are trying to keep it natural, a bit more fill in the vermillion would be reasonable.  Your vermillion border seems well defined so fill there is not necessary.  The issues of lumps and swelling relate to skill of the injector and the nature of the filler.  Juvederm swells a bit by absorbing more water after injection.  In this sense, it is not exactly a what you see is what you get filler.  Conservative injection techniques can overcome this issue or the use of a different hyaluronate filler. 

Lawrence Bass, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Juvederm lips

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The pictures you provide is not focused and poor quality so it is hard to say if the v border needs enhancement. From what I can see, you may benefit from more Juvederm in the upper lip and also not too much of the lower lip. The ratio of upper lip and lower lip volume is ideal, as the lower lip looks best when it is approximately 30% larger than the upper. So, be conservative in how much the doctor puts in your upper lip and makes sure that 'too much is not injected'. Have a mirror in your hand and look once in a while to make sure you are happy with what he/she has done.

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Juvederm in lips

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Juvederm is a good filler for the lips and when done well can give great improvement to the overall lip appearance.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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