Should I Be Put Under for VASER Lipo and a BBL?

I am having VASER lipo and a BBL. After speakin with my surgeon I found out that I would be put to sleep for the procedure. Is this normal? Do I have to be put to sleep? It has made me nervous since all the research I've done doesn't show anyone being put to sleep.

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Techniques vary, but IMO this procedure requires anesthesia.

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Hi there-

There are going to be almost as many variations in the technique for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery as there are surgeons doing the operation, and this will also mean that there are many opinions about the best way to make patients comfortable during the operation...

Having said that, however, and having performed a great many of these operations, I cannot imagine anyone being able to do the operation properly and with as much attention to the details that are important in its success without the patient being asleep.

I other words, remembering that your goals are to be as safe as you can be, and for you to be as happy with your outcome as you can be, it is my opinion that you are better off having your surgery done by the best surgeon you can find, and that it be done under general anesthesia. 

Good luck!

Anesthesia for a Brazilian buttock lift

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Most patients will have a Brazilian buttock lift performed under general anesthesia (asleep) however the procedure can also be done under local with mild sedation. This varies depending on each patient and each surgeon's level of comfort with the procedure. I would discuss this in greater detail with your plastic surgeon before surgery.

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