I Put on Crown Just Because I Had Uneven Teeth but It Didnt Work at All They Look Same, What Can I Do?

I Put on Crown Just Because I Had Uneven Teeth but It Didnt Work at All They Look Same, what can I do?

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What Should I Do With A Crown I Am Unhappy With?

If I am understanding your question, you have a front crown that was placed that does not meet your aesthetic expectations.  Were you shown the crown before it was cemented to give your final approval?  At this point, your only option is to take the existing crown off and replace it with a new one.  I would suggest doing a "wax up" first to give you an idea what the size and shape of the crown would be.  Once you are satisfied with the wax up you can proceed forward with your new crown.  


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A crown you are not happy with

Before a crown is permanently cemented, both you and the dentist need to be happy with it.  Dentists normally ask if you are satisfied with the color, shape, size, and fit of the crown.  Only if you and your dentist approve the crown, then it is cemented.  You didn't get this opportunity before the crown was cemented? Once a crown is cemented, nothing can be done except to replace the crown.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

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You need to provide more information and a photo

I cannot answer this question with the information you provided. I need to know the condition of the teeth prior to the crown. Was there only one crown done or many? A photo of your smile and bite relationship would also help.

If all you had was an uneven tooth, then a crown is not indicated unless something else was going on.

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Uneven crowns?

The question isn't whether the tooth in question was uneven, but how much it differed from the surrounding teeth? Often, to achieve excellent results, study models and photos must be taken to evaluate the smile. To design a beautiful, healthy smile, one must consider "golden proportion"  which allows for the harmonious blending of materials utilizing composite, veneers or crown restorations.

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What to do with uneven teeth

It's hard to answer your question because ,dentist usually do not crown teeth just because they are uneven . Did your teeth have other issues? The reason for uneven teeth are many, and if your bite does not allow them to line up evenly, crowns can not help either. If your teeth are uneven due to cracks or chips, then veneers or crowns are placed but usually they get corrected . At this point get models of your teeth, and ask a cosmetic dentist to evaluate the cast models for bite, and correct the issue tried first on mock up first and to see if it meets your expectation, and then proceed .

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Mock up treatment

I would take a set of diagnostic impression and make casts of your teeth. With photos you can address  the problems you want to improve and then have a ceramist wax the teeth up you want fixed. from this waxed up model you visually know what the final product will look like and make a decision based on an expected outcome .

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