Will pushing on nose a few days after Tip Revision cause the tip to shift?

I had nose tip revision (previous septal cartilage), then 5 days later had double eyelid surgery. During the surgery they removed the nose cast (which was permanently removed the next day) and pushed on my nose some while working on my eyes. My nose was very tender at the time so it did hurt, but there was no bleeding. After taking the cast off, I noticed that the tip was leaning a little to one side, but the nurse said it was just swelling, since I was only one week in. Should I be concerned?

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Will pushing the nose cause the tip to shift?

Since the physicians were aware of your prior rhinoplasty, it is likely that they were considerate of the delicate state your nose was in at the time. In general, swelling can create the appearance of:

1) Asymmetry
2) Irregularities

You are right near the peak of your swelling, and it is not uncommon for the swelling to make the nose look a bit asymmetric. I would recommend following up with your surgeon regarding any concerns. I hope this helps, and best of luck.

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Concerns regarding tip asymmetry following upper lid blepharoplasty

A stranger description of the events it is possible that you could have some asymmetry. It would be best to discuss this face-to-face with your plastic surgeon so that he can evaluate your nose and resolve any issues.

William G. Hart Jr., MD
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