Purplish Color Under my Eyes Due to Thin Skin (Not Hollow). 19 Yr Old Female

Hello, I have noticed that I have very little (if not any at all) fat under my eyes. My eyes are not deep set and I don't have a tear trough deformity. My skin is just thin. It has a purple/red color under the eyes but more near the inner corners and you can see a few of my veins under the eyes. I really don't want any fillers or surgery. What laser treatments could help and please list any creams that may thicken the skin?

Also should I be tested for food allergies? Thank you

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Thin eyelid skin

Thin eyelid skin is sometimes the culprit for eyelid "pigmentation". In reality this is not true pigmentation, but rather visibility of the Orbicularis oculi muscle underneath the skin. This muscle is responsible for eyelid closure. Unfortunately little can be done for this issue. Neither laser nor fillers would be helful. Some experienced fat-grafting surgeons may be able to help with fat grating, however, there is a high risk of developing lumpiness, so I would not recommend that either.

Unfortunately, coverup make up may be your best solution.

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Purple redness under the eyes

It is important to consider the actual pigmentation because the coloration of the pigment will determine which laser will best take care of your problem. You will likely need a Ktp or NdYag laser for this purpose. Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your neighborhood.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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