Purple Lacey Marks 2 Years After Smart Lipo? (photo)

Please help, 2 years ago I had Smart Lipo. These purple marks appeared approximately 2 months after. Dr says he has never seen such a thing. Please Help!

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Purple Lacy Marks 2 Years After Smart Lipo?

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     I have noticed in some of the revision patients that have come to my office this reticulated appearance after smart lipo.  This may be an issue of reduced blood flow or permanent skin change as a result of the heat source used during smart lipo.  This may be widespread hemosiderin deposition as well due to bruising, but this would be less likely.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA 

Purple Lacey Marks 2 Years After Smart Lipo?

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As a SMART LIPO trainer I have seen this issue rarely. Question- where you on any blood thinners like aspirin, vitamin E, etc prior to the surgery? What appears as hemosiderin deposits in the sub dermal tissue is my over the internet diagnosis. As for resolution of this issue very hard to offer any advise. Sorry. Best to be OFF all blood thinning meds prior to surgery. Again sorry hope I have at least responded to your inquiry.  

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