I'm About to Purchase a Coupon for Exam/x-ray,cleaning & Zoom Whitening should I be leary?

I'm about to purchase a coupon for exam/x-ray,cleaning & Zoom whitening for $250.00. Should I be leary. It is with a local dentist using a new compay that does online coupons and say it is an $800.00 Value

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ZOOM white teeth!

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X-rays, exam, cleaning and ZOOM whitening for $250 is obviously a good price to lure you into their office. If you are a typical patient with dental insurance, the first three items are usually covered at 100% anyways. (Make sure they bill the insurance for you if you want, and see if they will credit you towards future dental work.)

The ZOOM bleaching does NOT have a 'set' price. It is set by the dentist. The materials are a little expensive and it does require the dentist purchasing a relatively expensive lamp along with having chairtime involved in the costs. While tehy won't lose money in the process, they are basically justifying the lower cost with the price it takes to acquire a new patient.  ZOOM bleaching can cost anywhere from $195 to $695 depending upon how many 'sessions' they offer, whether they give you fluoride with trays to wear before the treatment to minimize potential sensitivity, whether the dentist is doing it or an experienced assistant, and whether you get trays for after the procedure WITH gel to use periodically to maintain the whiteness.

You should ask them these questions before starting your treatment.

San Jose Dentist

Zoom Whitening Coupon

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These types of coupons are quite common marketing strategies used by dental practices to bring new patients into the office.  Its always a good idea to ask friends, coworkers or others in your community who may have utilized the dental practice.  Another thing to keep in mind is that if you carry dental coverage, most insurances do cover the exam, xray, and cleaning at no cost to you.

Ruby Dillon, DDS
Orange Dentist

Coupon seems a little Gimmicky...

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They are selling coupons for treatment that is not yet needed or necessary. Sometimes patients dont qualify for Zoom because they have cavities and gum disease.,so to sell it first is just a ploy to get you in the office and collect money upfront. Be wary...!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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Zoom Whitening Coupon

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Sounds like a good deal.  I would advise to try to get some information about the office first.  Check out their website, learn about the doctor(s) and read reviews online about the office.  Many offices are running “groupon” type promotions, it’s another way to advertise their services.  Good Luck!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Coupon for dental care

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The marketing program you describe is very common and can bring many new patients to a dental practice. The important thing to remember (regardless of how you found the dentist )is that you should ask your friends about the dentist, check their website for credentials and a caring attitude, and then be observant of the Doctor and Team caring approach to providing dentistry.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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