Is There Anything That Will Soften PMMA for Removal?

I have PMMA in my face. It's lumpy. What are my options?

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The crux of permanent fillers

PMMA is a nonresorbable plastic bead that is intended for permanent placement. The body does dot break them down as what occurs with most other fillers. PMMA is there to stay.

Because these beads are dispersed in a collagen gel when they are injected, they are spread out in a way that makes them impossible to selectively remove. Even surgical removal is difficult and sometimes impossible.

There is no known process that I am aware of that would soften PMMA.

As to the lumps - if these are collections of the beads (as in an area where you have muscle contractions), there is a possibility that some of the mass can be removed by a plastic surgeon, but also by removing the tissue that has the beads embedded, you run the risk of having depressions in the skin.

My best advice is to seek out a plastic surgeon who has had experience in dealing with permanent component fillers.


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