Implant replacements: above muscle to under muscle

My implants were 20 years old and my right side was encapsulated... Very hard! Therefore, I had them replaced (both saline). I am wondering how long is normal recovery? Now at 3 weeks I still have considerable discomfort.. Throbbing at times, pinching... The left one is larger and more painful, especially for sleep. Any response would be welcome!

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Pain post replacement 3 weeks

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This is too soon to tell.where a bra and do massage twice a day.the difference in size may just be residual swelling so I would not be too worried at this point.   

What to expect after implant replacement for capsular contracture

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Everyone's recovery will be a little bit different, but with capsular contracture the scar capsule is removed before the new implant is put in. This may be associated with more discomfort than with the original operation. If you have nerve pain, a medication called gabapentin can be very helpful while you recover. Your own plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise about your recovery.

Best quality and comfortable are the texturized,cohesive gel

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it exsists  another quality like polyurethane covered always as good  as the texturized cohesive defionetelly the worst results are inflatables,salines.
best site to locate it  it is subfascial  way

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

3 weeks postoperative problems?

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No posted photos so hard to respond. Either see other PSs on second opinions or post photos.  Good luck 

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