I'm suffering from shock loss will my hairs return or not?

I m at end of 3rd month of the week m suffering from donar shock loss .will my hair be grow back if yes then at what time

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You have shock loss in the donor area

I can't comment because I do not know what type of surgery you had. If you had FUE it might have been over-harvested, if it was strip surgery, you might have had a tension donor closure

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Shock loss

Donor area shock loss usually grows back on the time frame of 6-12 months.  Check with your doctor so they know what the problem is, and if you do not have adequate camouflage or density at the end of a year, consider SMP to add the visual appearance of fullness.

Good luck!

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Shock loss after hair transplant

There is a possibility - due to operation stress - that a number of hairs will fall out in the post-operation phase. This generally temporary occurrence is known as "shock loss", and may last just a few weeks or possibly months. In certain cases, donor hairs and neighbouring hairs may fall out after a hair transplant (for instance when dense packing has been performed). This should not worry patients, as the hairs generally regrow once the shock loss period has ended. Moreover, the cell responsible for regrowth remains in the scalp even though the grafted hair falls

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