I've had my hair transplant done on the 7th of August 2016. I'm 29. They took out 3100 grafts from the back of my head (Photo)

i had my head wash after 15 days.im happy with the results but the hair are coming off with roots not when I take a shower or anything but generally.even before the scrubbing I had same issue.doc said the roots are inside and don't worry.im just worried about it as they told me it will all shed then grow back again and the most important thing should I use minoxidil 5% aswell ?? Transplant doc said it's bad to use but my Dermatologist said it's safe.im confuse.please guide

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3000+ grafts 2 weeks ago

These grafts will normally shed. What I see looks good, but of course, it is only a picture and not like seeing you up front

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If you trusted your doctor to perform your surgery and your doctor gave you clear instructions why would you doubt

If you trusted your doctor to perform your surgery and your doctor gave you clear instructions why would you doubt your doctor's recommendation and seek a stranger's opinion?  (especially when you are happy with the results)Every doctor has their own post operative instructions.

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Shedding then grow back again

Shedding off the graft's hair is normal in 2-6 weeks after surgery ...your doc says true..roots are inside and don't worry. I recommend you to use minoxidil 5% as well after surgery for 6 months

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
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Best to wait

Thanks for the question and I realize how overwhelming this can seem at times. You will really only be able to start noticing the real changes from your hair transplant around months 6-9+. It is very important to have regular follow-ups with your transplant Doctor in at least 3 month intervals as well.As far as using Minoxidil 5%, we recommend waiting for a couple months before using it after your transplant as it can dry out the area and lower the success rate of the grafts. But after that, it is definitely important to use at least that to slow down the process of losing any more of your hair.I hope this helps

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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