Started smoking 4th day post-op, have smoked 10 cigrts/day for 5 days a wk & NO cigarette on weekends. Have I ruined my grafts?

Hi, in these 4 weeks post-op i have smoked 10 cigarette per day in weekdays but no cigarette on weekends(in week 1, i smoked 5 cigarette each for 3 days out of 5 days). I have seen growth in grafts and most grafts are still there. can i revert the effects of smoking. No alcohol intake after surgery and eaten no junk food. Please tell me i am worried if i have wasted all my money n grafts? If majority are still there and grown upto 7-8 mm height. grafts started shedding around 25th day post-op

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Smoking after hairtransplant

Smoking affects the amount of proper blood flow to the transplanted grafts. Therefore, we highly recommend to our patients that they avoid smoking or limit smoking prior to the surgery and particularly one week after the procedure. Thus, it is of great importance to avoid smoking in order to ensure adequate oxygen and nutrient for the transplanted grafts in order to obtain the most successful outcome.

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Smoking is not generally recommended after surgery. If you are concerned it is best to check

Smoking is not generally recommended after surgery.  If you are concerned it is best to check with your doctor for a follow up.

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Smoked after transplant

You will not know if you impacted your graft growth until you have reached the 8th months when you should expect 80% of the growth to have occurred. 

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