Porcelain veneer or Dental Braces? (Photo)

I have a gap between my teeth of upper and lower jaw .Should I consider to go for braces or porcelain veeners.Occlusion between my teeth are fine .Even if I get dental braces ,it will fully close the gaps because size of my tooth are small.What should i do then,directly go for porcelain veeners or have braces and then close remaining gap with veneers?. Attaching the veneers

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#Veneers vs braces

If you want to fix your teeth by making them white and closing the gaps, I would recommend veneers.  This would give you the fastest, most permanent and most cosmetic results.  However, veneer can be out of budget for many people, but not saying that it is out of your budget.

On the other hand, if you want straight teeth without gaps, braces may be what you want.  The braces will not improve the color of your teeth, but will save you money.  Braces will also require the lifetime use of retainer, or else relapse can occur. 

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