I had braces 8 years ago, but now spacing is increased visibily in front two teeth (Photo)

Because of short time i have, i can not go for braces again. Please suggest alternative with cost

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Seek a referral and prioritize retention

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If you have had an increase in space from when the braces came off, my assumption is that you may have had a space between the front 2 teeth before braces were placed. If the retainer is not worn properly, the teeth can relapse, or go back toward their original position. This is very prevalent with patients who have a space between their front teeth before treatment. I would suggest a consult with a well qualified practitioner who can either make a retainer or place braces for a short period of time to close the space. The most important part of the process is retention. I would highly recommend a permanent, or fixed, retainer behind the upper front two incisors in order to keep the space from opening again. I would also recommend a removable retainer to wear every night as insurance in case the permanent retainer were to break. Good luck!

Memphis Orthodontist

A couple Options

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@sayalip If you have your retainer handy and it hasn't been too long from the completion of your treatment, something as simple as wearing your retainer (if it fits) for 24/7 may lead to some improvement and maybe some slight space closure. If your retainer is loose, you may be able to schedule an retainer visit with your local office and have them adjust it for you.

If those options do not work, you can potentially look into invisalign or just limited braces for a short period of time for cosmetic correction. As always, retention is for a lifetime, once spaces are close it is of the utmost importance that you wear your retainer to ensure it doesn't open up again. Good luck with everything.

Marvin Baptiste, DDS
Brooklyn Orthodontist

We offer removable and fixed retainers after braces in pune

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we will make a removable hawley retainer with anterior bite plane   You wear them for three to six months. Then you can evaluate and decide how you want to proceed. Either short braces or invisalign or just retainers. Do not stop retainers after braces entirely

Aashish Mathesul, MDS
India Orthodontist

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