Please tell me if Chemical Peeling is right for me. Any side effects?

Hi, I am 25 years old. My skin is medium fare but it looks like I got sun burned. and is too much tan. Even some dark circles around eyes. Also after 2-3 months or may be if climate will change(when I moved in other city than Pune), I face very dry skin problem. I did skin checkup last week and they suggested for Chemical peeling(max 4 sittings as per skin), for one sitting they will charge 3500 around. They also given some tablets, sunscreen,nightmask,facewash etc for skin care. Is cost is too much? Thanks.

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Please tell me if Chemical Peeling is right for me. Any side effects?

Thanks for your query. Chemical peeling exfoliates the skin deeply and corrects the underlying skin problem. It is very effective when done in a series and generally requires 4-6 sittings depending upon the problem. It will be ideal for your skin and works very nicely for under eye dark circles. The cost varies from place to place . you will get chemical peels from 2500-4000. Hope it Helps.

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