Pulse Dye Laser for Large Scars on Calves?

I have 2 large scars on both calf muscles from having surgery for compartment syndrome , I have had 2 pulse dye lasers done 3 weeks apart both scars look more red then before , does this sound normal? Will the scars go back to original colour or go whiter then before ? How many treatments would u advise to make scar go white? I have seen a dermatologist who has done treatment plan of 2 pulse dye lasers and 4 fraxel lasers would that be effective .I need your help ,Could u please get back to me thanks

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Pulse Dye Laser for scars

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Thank you for your question.

Laser like most treatments for scars work via inducing tissue remodelling by altering collagen and elastin molecules synthesis and inducing pro-inflammatory cytokines. The latter gives rise to redness and swelling. It is normally temporary and hopefully this inflammatory response will induce better quality scar tissue by braking the poorer fibro-elastic matrix and inducing better retracting one.

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