Pulse Dye Laser Doctor Recommendations

My dermatologist suggested Pulse Dye Laser to remove several facial spots. He will not give me any recommendation so how can I find a good doctor for this?

I can get plenty of names off the Internet, but can't really tell much about the doctor. I don't want to get a doctor that will leave me with more problems than before treatment and also don't want to have one that charges Hollywood Star prices.

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Pulsed dye laser doctor in Los Angeles

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Pulsed dye laser treatment is complicated and should be performed with discretion. I perform these lasers and have found them to be very useful in practice for vascularity, redness, and scarring. 

Pulse Dye Laser Practitioner

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Outside of getting a recommendation from a friend or relative, we would suggest choosing some practitioners off the internet and going to visit them. We recommend going to visit at least three different practitioners. Like everything else you might buy without a recommendation, you can generally get a good idea of what kind of service you will receive by paying close attention to what you see and hear during the consultation. Make sure to ask for before and after pictures for patients that are have the same skin type and condition as you have.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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