Pulsating Feeling After Endo Brow Lift, Will it Go Away?

I had an endo brow lift 3 wks ago. My forehead feels like it is pulsating (and is driving me crazy). Sometimes I realize it is not doing it but thinking about it gets it started again. Will it go away?

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Post-Operative Recovery Is Fast...But Sometimes Not Fast Enough!

Three weeks after an endoscopic brow lift is still quite early in the scheme of things. If one thinks about how an endoscopic browlift is performed, one realizes that in the course of this procedure, small nerves are being transected, strong ligaments are being taken down, soft tissues are being elevated and placed under tension.  It is neither surprising nor uncommon for a patient at your stage of recovery to experience the sensations you describe.

Symptomatic treatment with muscle relaxants and NSAIDS may certainly help you in the short term, and reduce the feelings of discomfort you are experiencing. However, it is clear from reading your post that there is a psychological component to your symptoms as well, even to the point where it is "driving you crazy." So in the bigger picture, probably the most important thing to emphasize is that we can say with assurance that with time, the transected nerve endings will grow back, the tension on the soft tissue will decrease, and your awareness and sensitivity to these stimuli will diminsh overall.

By six months after an endoscopic brow lift, for most patients, all of this symptomatology has disappeared, and often this occurs much sooner than that! Hopefully, the sure knowledge that all of these annoying sensations will ultimately and completely go away, will allow you to block them out more effectively in the short term.

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Pulsation after brow lift

Any of the brow lifts can cause irritation of the nerves for several months and sometimes up to a year the area can feel strange.  So, after three weeks I wouldn’t worry about it.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
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Endoscopic browlift and post operative sensations

While some patients are back to work and feeling wonderful in days others do have complaints like yours. A browlift encompasses multiple facets that affect the healing process. There are muscles, nerves, and soft tissue that are stretched and cut and may result in different sensations. Some patients may experience numbness while other experience tingling or fasciculation of the muscles. It varies from patient to patient. The good thing is these are typically very short lived and you will forget about it quickly when you look in the mirror at your new youthful appearance.

Michael Elam, MD
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Strange Sensations

Nearly all of my endo brow lift patients enjoy the wonderful, refreshed and youthful look provided by this procedure. BUT It does come with a price (and we're not just talking money)! Small nerve ending are cut and other nerves and muscles are stretched by the procedure. This can result in unusual sensations of numbness, tingling, or even occasional true muscle spasms as Dr. Garcia mentions here as well. If you can feel the pulsations, but neither you nor anyone else sees any movement of the forehead muscles, then it is probably a nerve sensation but not a true spasm. If you actually see the muscle twitching, then of course it is a spasm. Either way, these strange feelings resolve completely in almost all cases, usually within a few weeks, but sometimes it takes as long as 4-6 months. There are medications that can help with nerve discomfort as well.

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Pulsations after a forehead lift

Pulsating sensation after a forehead lift are actually common, they come from the muscle that was lifted having spasms, a muscle relaxant will help settle it down, we use Robaxin for 2 weeks after when we do forehead lifts to avoid the problem. It will go away on its own in time though.

Julio Garcia, MD
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