Pulling Sensation 2 Years After Smart Lipo

I had tumescent fluid and smart-lipo performed on my abdomen in December 2008. Since then I still have a pulling sensation on the right side of my belly button and I remember it was an area that hurt during the procedure and I asked for more anthestetic. I am a male and it feels like you are slightly pulling on my abdomen hairs. It comes and goes and drives me nuts and I still rub on it. Any advice? Would another procedure in my abdomen cause more problems?

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Cortisone shots may improve nerve inflammation causing sensations.

Cortisone shots may improve the inflammation of nerves that may be attributed to your sensation. See your doc about it. Laser liposuctions are turning up many of the bad results seen in liposuction procedures today causing dimpling, puckered skin and burns.  It is becoming less used by lipo experts and getting to be the cheapest liposuctions advertised out there for obvious reasons.  Some docs can still do a decent job with laser lipos but it is not the norm.  Sincerely,

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