Pulled Stitches from the Outside of my Nose Today?

I got my cast off today, day 6, and when I got home I started to clean up the outside of my nose where I saw dry blood. I was using tweezers, and when I pulled at a spot above my left nostril, towards the left part of the middle I saw new blood. I stopped and looked closer and saw that there were stitches attached to the scab!!! Could I have ruined my results?! Will my nose now collapse?

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Removing Stitches after Rhinoplasty

You have more than likely not damaged your results, though it is important to let your nose heal naturally and remember that any stitching will fall out on its own when it is ready, or it will be removed by your surgeon when the time comes. If you're overly concerned, it's always a good idea to follow up with the doctor who performed your procedure to make sure you're healing correctly and without trouble.

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Dont pick your nose!

Hello. It would be extremely unusual to seriously affect the result of your rhinoplasty but manipulating a suture, so don't worry too much. We often leave absorbable sutures inside the nose. Meaning, the stitches fall off along with crusty blood 1-2 weeks after surgery. Regardless, you should call your surgeon and set up a follow up appointment to make sure everything is OK.

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Pulled Stitches from the Outside of my Nose Today?

      The removal of a few sutures probably has little effect on the result, but an exam by your surgeon would be necessary to confirm.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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I accidentally removing sutures after nasal surgery

It is unlikely that you affected your result at all.  Be more careful in the future and cleaning around this area.  There were probably several sutures in that area.  And losing a few sutures is unlikely to affect the result.  If you have further concerns.  It's time to contact your plastic surgeon.

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Removing stitches after Rhinoplasty

Stitches used in Rhinoplasty are either removed or disolve on their own. Its best not to pull them and if in doubt see your surgeon to remove them if they are not dissolvable. Its unlikely that your nose will collapse with what youve done but mention it to your surgeons office anyway.


Good luck

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