Someone Pulled my Hood over my Head and Roughly Pulled It Down, is It Possible It Did Some Damage?

3 months and 10 days ago i had a rhinoplasty. The chirurg lifted my nosetip and made it smaller. Yesterday someone pulled my hood (from my t-shirt) over my head and roughly pulled it down for about 10 seconds. So my lifted nosetip was roughly pulled down. There was yesterday a small wound on my nose, now its gone. I had some alcohol but still got tears in my eyes. So, could this damaged my nose after 3 months and 10 days?

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Injury to the nose after rhinoplasty.

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It takes several months (up to at least one year) before a rhinoplasty procedure has healed properly. Distortion and displacement of the nose cartilages can occur quite easily in the first few months after surgery. So the answer is yes.

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