Have I Pulled Cartilage/ligament in Nose or Caused a Nasal Structure Collapse?

Lady was squeezing my blackheads and tugging and pulling my nose, i had to go doctors was given antibiotics (nose infection) but still looked the sameso i tried to to get it to retain its shape to internally manipulate my shape sticking fingers up nostrils whilst using other fingers to press nose inwards it was really sore after that 2 months later though there is slight improvement in my shape from the picture theres not much?will it fully heal or not? i'm 16. thnk u!

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Shaping the nose with pressure

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Manipulating a rhinoplasty result with massage is only advisable when recommended by your surgeon.  I ask my patient to massage their osteotomy sites and to sometimes tape their nose in a directional manner. However it is under very clear guidance.  I think you should ask you surgeon specifically about your concerns.

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