Puffy White Edema Caused by Deep Masses Under Lower Eyelids?

I'm in my 20's. Had fat transfer 1yr ago. I did get 3 small cysts I can feel but cannot see under my eyes. Recently saw it is a bit more white and puffy under my eyes. I felt deeper in under the eye, and felt multiple firm masses causing the edema. Is it normal to feel and have firm fat or anything else deep in there that one could feel if they tried, or is this almost certainly because of the graft? Can it be fixed with little invasion, or down time, without removal of any lower-eyelid skin?

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Eyelid bumps after fat transfer

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It is difficult to assess without photo or in person examination. The bumps you are feeling may be normal or may not.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.  There are nonsurgical and surgical options available to improve the lumps.

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