Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles, is This Genetic? What are Non-Surgical Options?

Hi I am only 22 but yet always have puffy bags and dark circles under my eyes. I always make sure to get enough sleep and my diet is in check. I have tried nearly every eye cream under the sun. A while ago I was told by a nurse who administers botox, that in fact my puffy eye bags are a genetic trait. I have noticed that many members in my family do indeed posses this trait. What are your recommendations? I have been looking into possible fat transfer injections as these seem permanent.

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

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The bags under your eyes and dark circles don't go away no matter how much sleep you get. As a Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon (specializing in Eyelid and Facelift Surgery), I get this concern all the time from my patients. These dark circles and puffy eyes are not age-related or sleep-related but rather are related to your genetics and facial structure. There are several non-surgical ways to manage this problem so do your research to find a Cosmetic Surgeon you will feel comfortable with. Fillers, such as Restylane, under the eyes has become very popular to help with balancing areas under the eyes. In my practice, we use a combination approach with modalities such as injectables, PRP and other techniques to move attention away from the hollow under eye area and restore the color to the skin.

There is no substitute for a personal assessment.

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You should know that unless a physician does a good faith examination at the time of your BOTOX treatment and is present on the premises at the time of the service by a registered nurse, the State of California regards this as the illegal practice of medicine.

Under eye filler with Hyaluronic acid filler has evolved to be the most important emerging facial plastic procedure in the past 10 year.  Treat often last well over a year.  However this must be regarded as an advanced method.  I would strongly discourage you from having this service from anyone but a surgeon with detailed knowledge of midface anatomy.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Restylane for undereye ideal for undereye darkness hollows and to minimize "puffy bags"

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Restylane is a hyaluronic gel and safe to use in the infraorbital region. The Restylane provides contour which minimizes "puffy eyes" and lifts hollowness which improves dark cirlces. Yes undereye darkness can be genetic other contributing factors to dark circles is blood vessels, dark pigement, thinning of the skin due to aging and enviornmental factors. There is a chance of brusing in this area.  I would avoid aspirin and or advil the week of the injection. Restylane in this area will last up to 12 months.  I would avoid fat in this area as the skin is very thin however, fat transfer in the cheek will sometimes indirectly improve this area.

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