Options For Puffy Cheeks and Weird Bulges Under Eyes? (photo)

Hi, Im 35 and have had puffy cheeks and these weird bulges/bumps/dents under my eyes. my mother always said they were just "prominent cheekbones" but it is soft tissue, probably fat deposits, and they dont diminish much through weightloss. Is there any procedure that can rid me of them, because I am always self concsious about this weird, tiredlooking, bloodhoundish look and I have never felt quite feminine or "young" with these "aged" features. Im not overweight. Thank you.

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Malar Suspension For Cheek Festoons

With only one cropped photo it is difficult to give much of an opinion with limited visual information. But it appears you have a midface soft tissue problem that is somewhat similar to malar festoons.  There is puffiness over the cheek bones and this creates a ridge above them along the lower orbital rim. Your options include the use of injectable fillers to fill in the ridge above the puffiness or a malar resuspension procedure done through a lower eyelid incision. The soft tissue resuspension would be far more effective as it shifts the puffy tissue upward higher on the cheek bone.

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Puffy Cheeks and Eye Bulges Options

A physical examination would be in order, to make sure an effective recommendation can be made. You may need different procedures, surgical and non-surgical to achieve the facial balance you are looking for. 

I recommend you visit with a local facial plastic surgeon close to you for consultation and comprehensive discussion of what options are available to you.

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