Options For Puffy and Tired Looking Face - Male 32 Years Old.

I'm only 32, and I my face has started to look tired/puffy as I have aged. I realize I don't have a tremendous amount of bone structure to work with, but things certainly used to sit much higher, slimmer, and defined. Several years ago, I tried jaw implants, and they looked ridiculous (extremely wide face). I had them removed. Seeking procedure suggestions to rejuvenate/lift my face to look a little more healthy and youthful. The chubby cheeks/jowls/double chin really bother me ALOT. Thoughts?

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Facial Rejuvenation

Take the pictures from years ago when you liked the face and have a conslt with your Plastic surgeon (BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON) AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY.

You have many options, Liposuction, fat transfer, bichat fat removal, all depend on the look you want

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Sculptra great option for volume/lifting effect

For younger people, I think Sculptra is a great solution to increase volume and it provides excellent results.  After Sculptra is injected into the face it stimulates new collagen and provides a lifting effect as well as a sculpted appearance.  I recommend this product especially for young people because it stimulates the fibroblasts - the collagen factories - which are naturally more active in youth.

Timothy Jochen, MD
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