Puffy and Red Upper Eyelid Ridge on Left Eye Wont Raise to Same Height As Right Eye Makes It Look Smaller? (photo)

Did upper and lower two weeks ago. The photos were taken before and 2 weeks post up. I Don't think its scar tissue Too early right ? Will massaging and sg5 scar guard (.5% Hydrocortisone with 12% silicone and vitamin E) help ? The left eyelid ridge is bulgy and red the right eye lid still a little red but looks otherwise normal making my left eye appear smaller. The left upper eyelid appears to be 3mm lower than the right eye.

Update: Better photo added.

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Puffy and Red Upper Eyelid 2 Weeks After a Blepharoplasty

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It is hard to tell from the photos, but the left eye looks swollen and irritated. I would stop everything that you are putting on it, use some warm compresses only, and make an appointment to see your surgeon for an evaluation. Best of luck.

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Puffy & Red

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I would stop the massage cream and follow-up with your local surgeon.  After the past 14 days, your doctor will want to review your present condition as you heal.

Robert Shumway, MD
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Puffy and Red Upper Eyelid Ridge on Left Eye Wont Raise to Same Height As Right Eye Makes It Look Smaller?

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Please allow at least 2 months of healing before making measurements and concerns about your results. Things change in the healing phase. 

Your Assessment Looks Accurate.

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First, the photos are blurry and make it difficult to precisely know what is going on.  Generally, there is not substitute for an actual examination.  You are pretty early from surgery but I think more is going on that just swelling.  I suspect your left upper eyelid may have a levator aponeurosis injury.  It is very easy for the eyelid surgeon to cut the levator aponeurosis when performing the excision of skin and muscle in the upper eyelid. This releases the lid to fall after the procedure.  When suspected in the first week after surgery, I generally recommend urgently exploring the eyelid and repairing the tendon.  At two weeks out, it often makes sense to let things heal and return in several months for corrective surgery.  You demonstrate marked left brow lift which is compensating for the ptotic eyelid.  Massaging the eyelid or using scar cream will not fix this.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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