If You Have Puffiness Under Just on Eye, Do I Need a Physician Not a Surgeon?

I do not have an eyebag, as such, but have puffiness beginning in the corner of eye and then outward following the line of the bone beneath the eye. It is not severe, but it does distress me and it makes me look old and tired, so I have considered having surgery. But as it is just one eye that is affected, I have wondered if there is an underlying medical cause for the swelling that surgery would cure only short-term. How do surgeons assess this situation? I'm 64, female and in reasonable health

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Puffiness of the upper and lower eyelids represents fatty pockets that are coming forward hence visible under the skin. They are usually more visible when just getting up in the morning and decrease in visibility as you are standing. You can see these fatty pockets by closing one eye at a time and placing gentle pressure on the closed eyelid with your finger. When the fatty pockets are visible on one side they are usually starting to come forward on the other side also. A surgeon needs to be consulted regarding removing the fatty pockets if you find them cosmetically unappealing.

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Puffiness under just one eye

  It is impossible to say without having the benefit of photos.  I think it is likely that you have a bilateral but asymmetric process going on.  I suggest that you see an oculofacial plastic surgeon for further evaluation and treatment.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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