My Puffiness is Coming Back After 3 Weeks of Sculptra, Normal?

My bruise & puffiness have almost come to end after 3 weeks gone from my 2vials of sculptra injection. However, I find they seem slowly coming back again! My face got more fats on and this has only added volume to my face, it hasnt tighter or something, so it looks tired. This is especially serious when I wake up every day. I wasnt like this before. Is the Sculptra working now? Why it adds volume but not tightening?

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Puffiness 3 Weeks After Sculptra Injections. Does Sculptra Add Fat to the Face?

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Hi 1000,

Sculptra is a biological volume stimulator.  The body breaks down the product and in turn forms your own collagen.  This results in increased volume, not fat, though Sculptra is used to replace fat in the face that has been lost due to aging or weight loss.  When strategically properly placed, the added facial volume from Sculptra can give the perception of "lifting and tightening".  It is most important to choose your Sculptra injecting physician most carefully and may sure that they have an aesthetic artistic vision.  Good luck and be well.

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