Should I worry if one of my implants gets swollen and inside pain all of the sudden after almost 7weeks Post-Op. (photos)

I had breast implants 350cc medium profile placed on Fbry 2. After 4 mths, left side implant still was smaller & irregular shaped. My Dr. decided to replace it on July 8th to a 375cc high profile. Immediately after post-op and following weeks both breasts looked the same. A few days ago all of the sudden, this breast got really swollen, almost double sz from right one. Also it started hurting from inside and I have been running a fever between 99.5-100.7 . Should I be worried? What could it be?

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Yes, evaluation by your plastic surgeon is indicated…

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Yes, your situation is concerning and warrants urgent communication with your plastic surgeon. There is certainly a fluid accumulation around the breast implant (seroma or hematoma), that may require evacuation surgically.  The urgency of the situation increases if you begin to feel ill or experience fever/chills. Best wishes.

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